Final Reflection

As 1st semester ends in prepared success or disaster, I can firmly say that college is tough but fun at the same time. Classes can really kick you in the butt yet they can  be enjoyable. Making new friends, seeing a brighter side of life, and generating an independent mindset was all I can hope for. Though finals week is upon us. I was mostly confident in my study and work habits. But on the more social side, going out and partying was the most fun. My college experience has been nothing but a delight and as I grow into the mature adult I hope to be, college will be the best years ahead of me. One semester down 7 more to go. College has been a wild, fun and uplifting ride and I can happily make the most of my experience right now.

Conclusion of Fake News

In conclusion, fake news are false stories in order create propaganda or influence the public on a political or sociological issue with the assistance of social media, internet, and established news sources. Fake news serves various purposes to society such as influencing and persuade people through the means of fake material and damaging a person, event, idea, concept, or people in general. As shown, the three main causes are; the social media and internet impact, the rise of unreliable news sources and fall of authoritative news outlets, and lastly the anonymity behind the creation of fake news and misinformation.  

Fake News Problem

I personally have a difficult time spotting fake news for two reasons. One, the title may be misleading but I would still read it for amusement. Two, I can’t tell what is fake news or if the content is true. The author can make it hard on audiences to decipher whether the news story is true or not. As if they are trying to sell their take. However, I can spot fake news if the news is about sports because I read about that specific topic a lot. Fake news can be a problem because it has an impact to many aspects of sociology such as politically, sociologically, and economically.

Many people read fake news which can alter one’s mind and opinion and ultimately change their perception on topics. Quick news is becoming a problem throughout the world, and it is best we judge fake news with our intuition.

Survey on Fake News

  1. I usually click on 2 viral post each week and never post them on social media.
  2. I do check to make sure what I am sharing or commenting is real by looking if the source is credible or not.
  3. I do care a lot if the story is real and true within content.
  4. I am very careful with online sources when I am doing academic related work and I decide if it is reliable or not by judging its credibility.
  5. I trust news sources like CNN, CBS, FOX, NBC those in poular demand by people and I don’t trust those without authors or websites that seem non credible.
  6. Journalists and news outlets have huge responsibilities regarding making their stories true because its for their large audience. And its their job to make sure their news aren’t a hoax.
  7. Fake stories can have real world consequences such as Russia allegedly rigging the 2016 election and many celebrity news.
  8. I decide if a story is true if multiple sources deem that news to be true. If everyone is on it, then most likely it’s true. If the stories aren’t true, then the audience will receive fake news and would be harmful in sociological aspect.

Thanksgiving Fake News

As America prepares for Thanksgiving week, unheard and uncalled news enters the mainstream world. Trump proposed the idea of having an all and total “vegetarian” Thanksgiving for the United States. He was influenced by the Indian people about this concept and initiated the new proposal. While people are upset, so others have welcome arms to this new idea.

Although people can’t prove to the president if they followed this proposal, many are attempting to eat a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal. People from the midwest are most likely to eat lasagna where as the eastern side of America are most likely to eat salad, pasta, and bread. Whether you are a meat eater or not, America’s new proposal of a vegetarian Thanksgiving is established.

Fake News

In the world of sports, many fans know that winning or even reaching the super bowl is very tough and difficult road to conquer. However, on February 3rd, the Los Angeles Chargers won their first franchise super bowl against the 15-1 Philadelphia Eagles. Although the Eagles were favored by 10 points, the underdog Chargers still managed to win the super bowl. The Chargers were 3-6 from September to October but eventually won all the rest of their games to secure a wild card spot. They beat the Chiefs in the wild card, defeated the Titans in the divisional round, and absolutely routed the Patriots by 20 points in the AFC championship.

Without players like Philip Rivers, Melvin Gordon and Travis Benjamin, the Chargers 11 game win streak would cease to exist. Melvin Gordon became the MVP of super bowl behind his 200 yard rushing game. Rivers managed the game and kept the offense in check. All of Los Angeles is happy and excited for whats to come in the future of Chargers football.

Peer Review Revision

According to some of my peers in my class, my goal for my final paper should focus on the thesis and conclude strong with details and explanations. My second draft include many examples but didn’t necessary analyze the topic of demagoguery and Trump’s case as that title. I provided three examples, victimization, polarization and scapegoating, but I think I will add more details and analysis the next time around. Also I forgot to add a logical fallacy. I only included three examples of what makes Trump a demagogue but I need to add a logical fallacy.

I also made silly errors like spacing, double spacing, margins, and didn’t make my essay double spaced. I should also include Roberts Miller’s definition of a demagogue as well as include Miller’s credibility such as the credentials she accomplished and what makes her a credible source. Overall, I added good examples and details but I failed to analyze, conclude strong, and establish credibility.

Trump Conclusion

Trump doesn’t represent the new cultural ideas and political mindset due to his demagogic values. Trump sees himself as the reflection of the American people and keeps the ingroup and outgroups separated for personal gain. The tactics that Trump uses to gain influence over his people are victimization. Trump has made himself the perfect candidate for today’s most notorious demagogue due to his lying, selfish, and influential ways. In terms of Roberts Miller context of a demagogue, Trump fits all the criteria to be represented by definition.

Furthermore, according to Roberts Miller, “Demagoguery is composed of polarizing propaganda in order to motivate people of an in-group to hate and scapegoat out-groups, largely by ensuring stability, victory, and power of influence.”In addition, the three elements that Trump presented in his acceptance speech which solidified him as a notorious demagogue are polarization, scapegoating, and victimization.

Dark Motivation


Former US National Security agent Edward Snowden said that his motive behind leaks was to expose “surveillance state”. He worked with the CIA as a contractor for NSA. He was always suspicious and uncomfortable with knowledge about US surveillance what officials said about keeping America safe. He identified himself as the main source behind the recent disclosures of weeping government surveillance programs. Because Snowden was disillusioned with American government policies, he became motivated to leak private information for NSA.

He also stated that he advanced in the intelligence world through understanding computer programs and internet. Snowden also waded into politics where he stated he was triggered by Obama and disappointed with the administration to investigate officials of Bush’s surveillance efforts. Although he admires other accused leakers of government such as Bradley Manning who leaked documents to Wikileaks, he considers himself different.

Intro to Demagogue Topic

One good example of a Demagogue in today’s current times is Donald Trump. His lying traits, negative remarks, and selfishness are just some characteristics that make Trump himself the most notorious demagogue in today’s society. When Trump delivered his speech regarding his acceptance of the Republican nomination in order to be the next 45th president, it was clear that Trump showed various demagogue characteristics.

His felicitous emotion, hyperbole and exaggerated promises for the American people and lying statements underscored his true value as a demagogue. On that note, Trump makes the perfect case to be modern times most notable demagogue.