Assumptions Turned Reality

Growing up a vegetarian my whole life, I firmly believed that herbivores was the way to go for a healthy based diet. I have never tasted or ate meat in my life due to dietary and religious cause. The overall stigma that all Indians are vegetarian is not true. In fact, vegetarianism is based on location of the state in India. The people located in the south are more omnivores than herbivores. Where as my people in the east is more vegetarian. To this day, roughly 60 percent of the Indian population is vegetarian and 40 percent is both plant meat friendly.

Another assumption that I primarily believed in is that all body builders only ate meat for protein and to gain muscle mass. That is not true at all. In fact, there are vegan bodybuilders that still strive sculpting their body. I watched a Buzzfeed video and showed a vegan bodybuilder prove that meat is not the only option to obtain protein. Link provided below.


Trump’s Wall Debacle

It is safe to say that Trump’s proposition of creating a border wall is a “longshot” possibility that questions the integrity of his presidency. His claim of having a protective border are deemed to be useless and unimaginable for other American people. Does President Trump even know that building that “wall” is placed on the wrong time as the number of people illegally in US is lowest statistically in decade.

In fact, the net migration is below zero percent. Another proof that his wicked idea of creating a border wall is impossible is that it would require lots of funding, land, environmental damage and heavy construction. All of these factors come out to be 25 billion dollars. This money could be used for some better such as charity, infrastructure and my personal favorite, environmental awareness. What Trump’s America should do is rely on the economic policy since newcomers are illegally migrating to America for economic opportunity. Long term wise, we should go back to our foreign policy and value national jurisdiction for America.

My thoughts on DACA

DACA otherwise know as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals enables undocumented people age 16 and older to pursue any type of work permit educational goals and not have the risk to be deported. It was established by the Obama administration 8 years ago and has helped 800,000 people pursue their dreams. These people under DACA are known as “dreamers”. However, the Trump administration recently rescinded DACA in order to control immigrant flow. Trump, in my opinion, is also targeting Mexicans and illegal immigrants stating “they have nothing to contribute to America.”

I personally don’t agree with this decision because America is the land of opportunity and dreamers are made in American soil. It’s the stereotype that immigrants can’t do anything useful with their time in America. However, they are ambitious people who are looking for a lifestyle change not just for themselves but for their families. I watched a video produced by Vox on youtube, where they story tell about a person who is under DACA and he was 16 years old boy from South America. His pursuit was rather simple. Live the American dream, earn a degree, settle his family. Now in his mid 20s, he is now on the verge to return back to his homeland forcefully yet he accomplished his dreams of being an American Citizen. America is made of immigrants, and by removing DACA, there is no real America.

Rhetoric Course Reader Quiz #1

Rhetoric – the ideal art of persuasive speaking or writing by using compositional writing techniques and or figures of speech

Course Reader definition – “the use of language, written or spoken, to inform or persuade; the study of the persuasive effects of language; the study of the relation between language and knowledge; the classification and use of tropes and figures” – Patricia Bizzell and Bruce Herzberg

Argument – What someone/something tries to point out or state in a valid fashion. An idea someone tries to persuade.

Course Reader definition – “stating what you believe to be true in a way that is meant to help others come to agree with you” – Jamie Madden (SDSU)

Claim – the central argument that someone attempts to persuade

Course Reader definition – “the main idea that she or he wants the reader to accept as true.” – Jamie Madden (SDSU)

Best and Worst Job

My first official job I worked at was Baskin Robbins from the month of April to August. Like any typical teenager,  I pursued a job that was both fun and easy going. Everyone screams for ice cream anyway so why not work at America’s greatest Ice Cream shop. Although there are a lot of formulas in the ice cream business especially making shakes, smoothies and such, I eventually got the hang of it. My co workers were a big help as well as my boss who gave me flexible hours. One takeaway I learned from my experience at Baskin Robbins is the value of communication and connection. When customers came through the entrance door, it was my job to be friendly, easy going, and helpful so they are fully satisfied. People and customers come and go but the life lesson of worthy communication is the key for today’s society.

The worst job I ever had was working at the movie theater. Although it was lethargic and easy going, there wasn’t much to do in terms of speaking and communication with people. What only happens is that people ask the quantity if tickets, which movie, and the showing location. All I had to do was input the request in the system, give the tickets, and apply the purchase.

What really separates my favorite job to my worst job is where I got the most of communication skills and forming customer employee bonds. Some of the same customers at Baskin Robbins order the same thing over and over, so small talk usually occurs. Where as in the theater, people don’t watch the same movie over again. Some things are meant to end but I learned the important lesson of communication during my job tenures.


About Me

Born in Chicago Illinois in the year of 1998, 2 years before “Y2K”, I was raised by Asian Indian parents who moved to America searching for an opportunity for a new life. The transition from learning my mother tongue to English was tough but eventually was used to the dialect and speech pathology. Even to this day, I have put some accent on certain words and statements, but still American in heart. My time in Illinois was mostly focused on school and learning the American way of life. From eating properly, talking with the others, and making new friends was my go to everyday.

In the year of 2007, my family moved to California for new opportunities financially and economically and what’s best for the family. Making new friends was hard but sports was what kept me close with others. The first sport I grew up watching was baseball especially the Los Angeles Dodgers being my favorite team. Basketball wise would be the Chicago Bulls but I always kept my eye on Kobe Bryant. Middle School was when I started to play more sports in general especially recreational football. Chicago Bears is my favorite team but hasn’t been a good run since a decade ago. On that note, I played tennis in high school for the Junior Varsity team and the passion grew more as I watch more ATP league tennis and tennis superstars like Roger Federer and Andy Roddick.

Some of my favorite hobbies is riding my road bike and cycling around spontaneous places, listening to electronic dance music and playing sports in general. Now I am here at SDSU with my head held high, motivated and inspired to make my family proud. I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to start a new chapter in my life and discover more as life goes on.