Madden Mobile Tips and Tricks PT. 3


Last month I discussed about the new trendy and addicting mobile game of Madden Mobile by EA sports. Now in this blog post, I will discuss new tips and tricks that I have encountered and used throughout my Madden experience. Remember, I am not one of those Madden Mobile Youtubers who have 100k subscribers. I myself personally believe I have an unique type of madden player because how I created a 101 overall team without any help from friends or purchasing cash to increase my chances of getting elite players. These youtubers in my opinion are pathetic to use their cash on this game and still create a 103 overall team where I have a 101 overall team with any purchases. But hey it’s their deal not mine. Just reminding that anyone in the Madden universe and conduct and lead their trash team to a elite 90 plus team. It’s quite easy. But first let me offer some tips and tricks to pave a road of success in the madden mobile game.


  1. Live Events – The first thing you should do in your morning whether you go to school or work is do the live events. Lives usually occur around 8 am 11 am and 2 pm. Do the daily warm up first, claim you collectible and don’t do it again until the next day. Within a week you get a free pro pack containing 2 silver and bronze players and one gold. Sometimes you can pull elite players and collectibles. Do the scrimages every time. Easy 500 coins and plus you get a collectible where if you get 20 offseason training collectibles, you get an all pro pack containing 2 gold 2 silver and 2 bronze players. Do every live event that Madden has to offer but avoid the 3 touchdowns one for timing purposes because in 4 attempts you must get 3 touchdowns. Not impossible but most likely to fail. Sometimes do the legend live events if you max out on stamina.
  2. Head to Head – Do head to head every day until you reach 10 million fans. This is probably the hardest and most time consuming feature in the game but worth the prize. You can easily get Odell Beckham Jr by doing this live event first. If you are new to the game do this everyday because you are playing crappy players. Plus make sure you use you counters. They help a lot when playing random players of the Madden universe. Always play the person with the lower defense ranking.
  3. Seasons – Grind out seasons like mad crazy. I am on season 45 and last year I reached 50 seasons. Easy 1.5k coins right there and gives the most stamina. Totally worth the time. Do atleast 20 seasons before retiring Madden Mobile 2 until update #3 comes out till august.
  4. League – Play in a league and play the tourneys because if you win you can get a league pack. You can pull great players like Kam Chancellor 91 overall and basic 86 overall elites. Do championships for bragging rights for your respective league.
  5. Store – Only purchase one pro pack per week and never purchase the goal line pack. Totally not worth the 250k. Legends and other packs are worth only once a month. In my madden game, I purchased like 20 pro packs only and got some good luck. More you grind on seasons more coins.
  6. Do one quicksell set once a week. 4 bronze trophies with 2 silver trophies is worth it but the large quicksell isn’t because it is more demanding due to gold trophies. Do all the sets you can do even if it is hard. Reward is normally great such as 100k reward or elite player.
  7. Auctions – I personally am against sniping because I find it as a cheating method but do you not me. Aim for special elite players not the base ones. They are cheap (7k to 15k) Buy players you need to help on not the ones you already have.
  8. Sell – Sell all your quicksells when you get it immediately. Don’t sell your collectibles even if they are useless. Some point madden will create a recyclable set which grants you new collectible.  Don’t quicksell your trophies. That is idiotic.
  9. Play the game fairly by not closing the app. Sometimes if you fumble on head to head or throw a pick on season, don’t close the app and restart it because it will resume the game instead of end it. Do it if you are cheater.

Tips and tricks are part of the madden game and they do help a lot immensely towards your personally success. Don’t take it from me but everyone from the madden community. We are all here to help. My suggestion is to subscribe to one madden mobile like noobkill, Madden Mobile Gods, or Justabro. They provide better tricks than me but we are all an allegiance of madden universe. PEACE!!!

Art Appreciation

Last summer, I took some time off school work and decided to outline what classes I would be taking in the future. I initially had 5 AP classes and with one ROP class called Sports Medicine. However, the AP class count decreased from 5 to 4 because I didn’t have a passion to take Biology. And I took more time off during the summer to finalize my classes. After deliberate talks with my counselor and mother, I decided to take AP Art History to fill the void of my 4th AP class. It was a gamble at first but became a blessing. Senior friends told me it was a hard class and an impossible A to sustain. Some told me the teacher is crazy. Some told me art was a joke. I took these criticisms and transformed them into motivation.


“I want to see how crazy the teacher is, besides I am crazy myself and we could potentially get along”, “I don’t think art is a joke, besides I like looking at it as a virtual mantra of life and beauty.”, “If people think I can’t get an A, so be it, at least I will obtain knowledge upon my learning” I did the impossible. I got the second highest grade in the class wit a 95. I grew closer with my friends, some shy, some happy like me. I became crazy for art just like my teacher. For proof, I even started following weird and cool artists on Instagram. I became enamored with art. Not because this class gave me a path way for appreciation but because I gave it a chance. I took a gamble to first take the class, but it turned more of a gamble on art. I even started to imagine if I could do some art as a part time thing. I do have some ideas that could go mainstream yet it is an eventual clause.

2 months, out class went to the Getty Center in Los Angeles to see real art from famous people. From sculptures, paintings, objects, and disturbing photographs, this museum was the place to be for an amateur art viewer, like myself and fellow colleagues. Although we had to write 3 outlines about three pieces of art, we all worked together in groups to answer the questions efficiently. We ate lunch together. Expensive yet delightful food. We told jokes, laughed away, and walked together in a mellow environment. I asked some security guards how much certain paintings go for. “10,000 to 10 million” My jaw dropped. Paintings that only included lines, colors spread out, photographs that seemed a toddler could of took. A potato that went for 65 million. Yeah a painting of a potato. Crazy it may seem, but these art works took time, and value. It my seem easy but it really isn’t.


But I learned one thing. Each soul should appreciate art. It may seem stupid and simple to do but really it isn’t. Just look around you, everything is art. A desk handcrafted by people. A photograph of New York that took 3 days to shoot. A comic book that took years to complete. Yeah it is all art and appreciation is needed for all of it.

Here is a video just outrageous art pieces go for, yet the simplicity becomes complexity!


The OPINION Stands as Called


As an avid sports fan, I sometimes think to myself “what brought me here” or “why do I love sports so much?” Those questions are still not answered to this day yet slowly I reach each level step by stop. Let’s be real, at least each individual in this world knows a thing or two about sports. Whether it’s a player, team, or even a mere statistic. “Brady has 4 rings” “Manning has 5 MVPs” or even “I know that Michael Jordan guy” or “Isn’t Kobe retiring this year” However, not everyone “loves” sports or have any acquaintance with it. They might know the players but they don’t follow the sport or the whole category. Are they missing out? No not really. Are their more pros and cons of being a sports fan? About equal I should say. But one circumstance that surrounds each fan is OPINION. This is what really hinders each fan. This is why it is “tough being a sports fan”.

It was a week ago that I checked my facebook, only to find out a long thread of comments in my “sports central” group. If you ever been part of a heated argument on an social media site, you may know a thing or two about “discussions”. In reality, these discussions are really arguments that go back and forth and will never stop. When people say one opinion on their post, it automatically turns into a back and forth war of who is right. For example, “Lebron is better than Curry”. From that point on, some other individual will either agree or disagree. Then their comrades come to join the discussion and boom, a war of idiots fighting over something that doesn’t pertain to them in real life. Like, do they really care who is better? It isn’t like lebron said “yeah steph is better than me” or  even if Curry said “I beat lebron in the finals, I am better”stephen-curry-and-lebron-james.jpg

People…..People….People….Let me preach one thing. Opinions are opinions, facts are facts, and statements are statements. To change one’s opinion, one must offer valid analysis and argumentation quotas in order to manipulate an individual’s thought. But let’s be real here. It is extremely hard to change one’s opinion. They stick with it regardless of outcome. Therefore, one should now waste their time on an “idiot” or an suspicious fellow in order to changed their view.

In a real life situation, I came across this thread of comments regarding who is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of the NFL. I undauntedly said Peyton Manning in the comments. Some agreed some didn’t. Some said Tom Brady, some said Montana, Elway, and Marino. Even one person said Julius Peppers. It may seem dumb at first but everyone has different opinions. This person said Peppers based on athletic ability. I said Manning because of overall accomplishments. Some other individual said Brady based off super bowl victories. And some said Marino because he/she was a Dolphins fan. Although bias may play a factor when judging an opinion, it all comes down on how you look at it. What perceives the most attention. The overall factors. Past experiences and real life situations.

At they end of the day, your OPINION stands as called to your world. And your statements are you back up option yet facts are there to stand your case. Factors play a big role to the opinion and judgmental phase, yet it will never change.




2 weeks ago, my AP Language/English class finished up the novel “Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck. We read, analyzed, and debated various topics regarding the novel, however we weren’t fully finished with the novel in terms of other ideals. We as student, individually, had the opportunity to analyze about the myths Steinbeck’s used to further enhance his writing. RAMIFICATIONS. FALSE STATEMENTS. FAKE FACTS

Although “Grapes of Wrath” was a fiction novel, the context and history of the book is true. However, Steinbeck did exxagerate some facts about the history that coincides within the novel and ramified some facts to make his writing more appealing. Did this action make his writing better and do people care at all? Let’s find out.  Continue reading

Mo Money Mo “Hope”


It wasn’t too long ago that my AP Language and English class had a group discussion regarding about the economy of our world, specifically the root cause of problems that derive from money and investment. I pondered this subject and looked suspiciously around to see my classmates in a perplexed look. Bewildered yet comprehensive I should say. The orator exclaimed, “does money lead to more problems?” Everyone in the class had a definite answer. It was a opened ended response, with more yes than no answers. I acknowledged that I was one of the few individuals that believed that money doesn’t lead to more problems. The obvious answer is yeah “mo money mo problems.” But is that the case? Is it true that money and unprepared investment leads to a potential economic crisis for a group of people or an individual? Let’s find out!


Majority of second semester, my AP English class discussed, read, and analyzed Steinbeck’s famous novel, “Grapes of Wrath.” Although the novel is an old classic dating back in the 1930s, many important events occurred during this time frame, most significantly the great depression of 1930. It was during the 1930s that a drought led to a agricultural failure in the great plains near Oklahoma and Texas. In fact, these areas were over cultivated by wheat farmers by farmers post world war one. Due to over cultivation, the top soil wasn’t able to support the crops to grow, especially when there was little sun to grow the plants and wind that conducted the “dust bowl.” This drought and dust bowl led farmers to farmer families to migrate westward where California was the most common destination due to good resources and better economic opportunities. In the story, the Joad family and other countless farmers weren’t able to pay back their mortgages or purchase new equipment for farming. With no employment, many families including the Joads moved to California for a “restart” of their lives in terms of economically and socially. However a new problem initiated due to overpopulation and overcrowded migration to California. This led to famine, starvation and most importantly unemployment.  But looking back at the scenario, this was a “win – win” situation. Because the Joads had little money, they ended up not getting the best of their journey to California because they were part of the over crowded people where they couldn’t start fresh nor start anew their lives in a social and economic matter. The migrant farmers with more money had an easier pathway to California because they were able to purchase transportation modes, new equipment, and food. All assets that were essential to their goal of starting a new life in California.

large_PenguinTruck_Grapes-lo(1).jpg Continue reading

Madden Mobile – Brief Overview pt.2

image-900x506.jpgI have been playing Madden Mobile since last year, and boy I am hooked, like a drug. I first interacted with the game when my brother told me to download it from the google play. Ever since I have been playing it on a daily basis. So I am here to offer some tips ans tricks for the people who just started playing this football game or have been playing this game for a long time but could need some help to be on a elite level. To be on par with my viewers, I am not the best Madden Mobile player out there for sure, but I assure you my tips and tricks could help out the beginners and the experienced. Shall we begin?

Let’s get a background check from me

  1. I have a 99 overall team without sniping (quick purchase), buying any packs with cash, or assistance from friends
  2. I associate business management skills regarding the Madden mobile market
  3. I am level 98/100
  4. I have been playing since the summer of 2015
  5. I am not a bragger but my point is that anyone can do very well with so little assets such as cash, or cheating methods

Let’s get this straight – Madden Mobile this year was much more easier compared to last year

  1. Last year my team was 99 overall for all three offense, defense and special teams
  2. Much more features and lenient rules that apply within the game
  3. Within 2 weeks in the game, I assure you will get a 80 overall team

General Madden Mobile info

  1. Football game first developed in 2000 by legendary coach John Madden and EA sports
  2. Started on gaming consoles such as wii, x box, and ps3
  3. takes about 200 megabytes so it does take a lot of memory
  4. Odell Beckham Jr is the cover of madden mobile
  5. Facebook is partnered with EA sports – enabled user identification via FB accounts
  6. Voting for the new madden cover is this summer, most likely that player will be a 99/99 overall player with some attribute boosts
  7. Updates are every month – best advice is to delete the app instead of updating it, then you install it again, 200 megabytes is a lot

Next week will include part 3 Tips and Tricks

Madden Mobile – Getting Started pt. 1

It has been approximately 2 years, that I have been playing Madden Mobile powered by EA sports. Fun, exciting, and addictive are the three words that describe this mobile game. A brief history behind this game. Madden first started in 1996 where EA sports featured Hall of Fame and former Raider coach John Madden. It all started on with the gaming stations such as X box and PS, and slowly ascended to the mobile trend. Starting in the year 2000, the Madden cover featured star NFL players from Garrison Hearst to present day Odell Beckham Jr. Definitely one of the most popular sports games out there, Madden absolutely entered the gaming scene with a impact to the market and sports economy. Here how it works.

  1. Create a nickname or username and select your favorite team
  2. The three most popular features are season mode, achievements and superstar
  3. Season mode is where you select a certain team and play 16 regular season games, and if you have a winning record, you make the playoffs in order to compete for the Lombardi Trophy in the Super Bowl
  4. Achievements are for unlocking events within the game in order to get better players….Like fantasy football where you try to make the best team you can get
  5. Superstar mode is where you make an avatar based off yourself and you are now part of the NFL scene. From mansions, record breaking deals, NFL agents, endorsement deals, it includes all aspects of a real life NFL player, even playing the NFL game.


From a personal standpoint, I first bought a madden game from gamestop at age 12. My brother and I just entered the sports/NFL scene when we starting watching some football games. That was when we decided to purchase the game and boy were we hooked. It was like a drug. I played like 5 season games everyday and superstar every weekend.  The game was entitled Madden 2008 featuring Vince Young who led the Titans to the playoffs with a 13-3 record. However, we grew boredom of this game 2 years ago realizing about only 20% of the 2008 players actually play in today’s NFL, so we haven’t played the game in the long time. Plus, we have a wii gaming console, and doesn’t work efficiently with Madden 2008. Sometimes, it would leave the game unexpecdtandly and close games during mid pass. We decided it was quits. However, we continued our Madden journey through mobile where both my brother and I excel in the game.

Bold Prediction –  In about 4 months, the cover of Madden 1017 Antonio Brown!!